Do you have difficulty sleeping at night due to foot or leg pain or discomfort because you suffer from:

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  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • A Sports Injury
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Gout
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • A Surgical Procedure
  • A Sprain, Bruise, Blister or Fracture
  • Don’t Like the Covers On Your Feet

Let us help you sleep more comfortably. The patented FootSleepGuard will allow your feet a more natural position during sleep for better circulation, less foot pain and faster healing. (See: the FootSleepGuard Video in the sidebar.)

We truly care that you receive a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.  When you purchase The FootSleepGuard, you will receive the sturdiest, most unique and flexible Blanket Support and Foot Cradle on the market for better rest and better healing–and it’s so easy to use.   You just slide The FootSleepGuard under your bed covers and to the foot of your bed.  There is no lifting of your mattress or pulling sheets and blankets out from your mattress.  In the morning, just slide the FootSleepGuard out from your bed, fold it flat, and easily store it out of sight under your bed or in a closet.   There are no lumps or bumps in your bed during the day–just your beautiful bedding.

Please see general information below regarding the FootSleepGuard:

  • Sturdiest Blanket Support and Foot Cradle on the Market
  • Quick and Easy Handling
  • Collapsible and Removable From the Bed For easy Daytime Storage With The Push of One Button
  • Will Not Disturb Your Partner’s Sleep
  • Great for Pillow-top Mattresses or Any Other Type of Mattress
  • The FootSleepGuard Will Fold Flat and Travel With You in an Overnight Bag
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Easy to Clean and Sanitize

You deserve the best, so give yourself, a friend, or a family member the gift of a comfortable night’s sleep with the FootSleepGuard.

Pleasant dreams..!

Why Use The FootSleepGuard?

“...well made, beautifully designed, and easy to set up at night...

"...does a wonderful job and holds the heaviest covers off my feet..."

"...I find the weight of the covers on my feet totally unbearable without it..."

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