An Open Mind When You Try Something New

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I’ve encountered a fair number of people who will return The FootSleepGuard only a few days after receiving it. I try to explain that something that is so new and unique as a blanket lifter like this will take some getting used to. We offer a 90 day no-questions-asked guarantee just for that reason.

If one were to look at the situation that The FootSleepGuard is designed to address, it will become as obvious to them as it has become to me. A person spends about a third of their life in bed. If foot problems are an issue, doesn’t it make sense that a device that will keep the weight of the covers off your feet for 8 hours might be worth investing a bit of time adjusting to it?

And the design of the product lends itself to easing into using it all night long. Since it is so easy to remove from the bed, you can take it out after a while if you’re not used to it. In this manner you can gradually increase the amount of time you use it night over night until you do get completely accustomed to it and can use it all night long.

It’s purpose as a foot protector in bed dictates that it be a strong device to hold covers off of your feet. So it is made of substantial materials to have that strength and last a long time.

So it seems that folks will have enough of an open mind to order the product in the first place, and all I’m advocating is keeping an open mind to work with the product for a fair amount of time to truly give it the chance to become an asset to your overall wellness.

And this some open mind will obviously serve you well as you navigate any medical challenge that comes your way. Medical technology is advancing at an amazing pace every year. Seeking the advice of your medical provider an following that advice will usually yield the results you seek.

So keep and open mind and let’s all get more healthy because of it.

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