Can you really find true love after 50 years of being alone? – More Early Years

So what kind of tactics do you employ to protect yourself when everyone surrounding you is an enemy?  I found out early on that I had to depend on myself to get through daily life.  And I’m sure that statement rings true for all of us who ended up alone most of our lives.  When no one else is there, who else can you depend on but your own inner strength?  Whether you know you have that strength or not, it will show itself and become your bedrock to get your through the day.

How does depending on yourself show up day to day as a coping mechanism?  Being alone and being comfortable with being alone are the biggest part of that.  You don’t dare bring friends over to your house and show them what a messed up situation you live in.  Any friends you have at school go home to their (what you think of as idyllic) private lives at the end of the day.  So you’re left alone to cope with all the negativism that surrounds your home life.  At least that’s what I did.  I locked myself in my room and only came out when I had to.  Because coming out meant opening myself up to all sorts of abuse.  But I did have to interface with my family, so for some period of time each day I had to face those beasts.

Animals are another source of comfort in a storm.  We had a small dog when I grew up, and I still remember the comfort she gave me when everything else around me was giving me grief.  I still carry a love of animals with me today and have always had pets as I moved through this life.  Being responsible for another life gives you a focus, off of yourself, that allows you to escape for a bit.  I love animals and will always have at least one in my house, for as long as I can take of it.

What other coping mechanisms have you employed over the years to help you get through life and be the person that you are?

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