Can you really find true love after 50 years of being alone?

I want to start a conversation on the blog here that let’s us all discuss how we have come to cope with loneliness in our lives. I’ll begin by sharing my own story.  Some friends have told me they have found inspiration in the path I’ve taken over the years, and I hope it might give you some food for thought as to the possibilities life may have in store for you.  I feel I’ve lived a pretty uneventful life, but the last 10 years or have seen a drastic change for the better in finding my true love and transforming my life into the joyous experience it is today.

I’ll start by giving a one word answer to the question above, and that is a resounding “YES!!”. I’m a shining example of that.  Or maybe I just hung around long enough for the law of averages to take over and I found the love of my life.  It just took me a much longer time than a lot of other women.

Answering that question in this fashion kind of jumps to the end of my story, since I found and married my honey almost 7 years ago. But the path it took me to reach this point is what I want to share and I hope others out there can bring their perspectives to the conversation, both positive and negative.  And believe me, I know there’s a LOT of negative out there.  But as they say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.  So by sharing our stories of finding love after a long search may be helpful to others who are still travelling that journey.

So I just wanted to plant the seed today and set the stage for future blogs to further share how I’ve found myself in a wonderful place today and maybe give a little inspiration to other ladies out there holding out hope their one true love can be found someday. As the story unfolds do please share your own experiences and we’ll all gain new perspectives.

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