Exercise Helps Both Restless Leg and Sleep Apnea

Moderate exercise for 2-1/2 hours each week reduces restless leg syndrome and helps with sleep apnea.

Marketing Unique Products

What are some of the tips and tricks that you have found to get a product in front of a niche market?

Can You Believe It? Still Legal to Require Women to Wear High Heels in the UK

As outdated and sexist as it is, it is still legal in the UK for companies to require women to wear high heels at work.

Talk About Bad Luck: Prenatal Exposure to Earthquake Increases Gout Risk!

Two studies years apart show a link between experiencing the stress of an earthquake and chronic diseases.

Early Detection of Parkinson’s Disease Even More Important

Many symptoms from impaired sense of smell to muscle weakness can be very early signs of the disease.

The Link Between Gout and Chronic Kidney Disease

Which makes sense since the kidneys are charged with removing uric acid from your bloodstream.

Simple Exercises Can Improve Foot Health

As it turns out, Joseph Pilates was an early advocate for healthy feet and developed “foot workouts” for his clients.

Help for Fibromyalgia Foot Pain

The weight of bed covers on the feet can be especially troublesome when you need to sleep.

Recent Study Finds Blood Test Uncovers Undiagnosed Diabetes

HbA1C Test Leads to Diabetes Diagnosis for a Significant Percentage of Hospitalized Patients with Hyperglycemia

Blood Sugar Spikes Can Affect Peripheral Neuropathy

The Diabetes Director at a major US hospital reports that one of the best steps patients can take to help manage peripheral neuropathy is to control blood sugar spikes.