Woo Hoo! A Glass of Wine May Help Control Type 2 Diabetes!

If you’re in the habit of drinking wine with dinner, there may be a bonus beyond the enjoyment of sipping a glass at night.

Foot Health Facts for Women

Educating ourselves about the best practices to help us maintain foot fitness is a good place to have your priority. We’re all in the business of helping people enjoy life more through good foot health.

Who Do You See First: Your Family Doctor or Your Podiatrist?

When foot problems set in, what is your first reaction to get help?

Here’s Some Good Advice to Help Your Feet Be Healthy

Here is a really good nuts-and-bolts article with plenty of ideas for how to help your feet and not do things that wreck them.

Is an Unknown Product Something I Want To Try?

Is a product very few people have heard of something to take a chance on? How you live your life and what your base personality is determines a lot of how a person views something new and unique.

Take Care of Your Feet for a Lifetime

Take Care of Your Feet for a Lifetime

How Do You Find Unique Products on the Web?

The question is how do you go about finding unique and obscure product on the web?

Education on Foot Pain and The FootSleepGuard

Educating the potential client about The FootSleepGuard has been a big challenge.

Help for Bunions

Roominess in your shoes and under your covers help with bunions.

Foot Health Makes for Better Overall Health

If your feet feel good, you are more likely to partake of activities that help you improve your outlook on life.