Early Detection of Parkinson’s Disease Even More Important

A study recently released by the European Academy of Neurology points to many advances being made in treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Many symptoms from impaired sense of smell to muscle weakness can be very early signs of the disease. Doctors knowing that several seemingly unrelated symptoms being tied to Parkinson’s can result in a very early diagnosis and thus allow early treatment. Early treatment can result in more successfully managing the disease and improving the patient’s quality and length of life.

An appliance to keep covers off feet in bed such as The FootSleepGuard has been utilized by clients in the past to help managing Parkinson’s disease in keeping the covers off their feet thus allowing more and better sleep. Many names have been used for such a device, such as blanket lifter, bed hoop for foot pain or foot pressure, and frame to protect feet in bed.

Please take the time and effort to take care of your feet and your overall health will benefit.