Foot Health Makes for Better Overall Health

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Have you ever stopped and thought about how important foot health is to feeling good overall? Just think, your feet are the foundation on which pretty much all other activities you engage in are based. If your feet feel good, you are more likely to partake of activities that help you improve your outlook on life.

Taking a walk, going to the store, going to visit friends and family, they are all activities that you will use your feet to accomplish. My wife always comments that she feels better after the house has been vacuumed. It just seems cleaner, so she feels like the air is cleaner and makes for an overall better feeling. If you can’t get around to run the vacuum cleaner, you can’t attain that feeling of things being cleaner.

So it makes good sense to take the time to take care of your feet. Particularly people with a condition such as diabetic foot. Taking extra care to clean and dry your feet is very important. Please see my earlier blog about taking advantage of your medical team to help you keep your feet in top condition. And something as simple as a pedicure at your local nail shop can be a great help. When the pedicurist is working on your feet she can see things from that perspective that most of us will miss. Letting your pedicurist know you have a foot condition will allow them to be on the lookout to help you find problems early.

Using physical devices to help your feet is also recommended. Orthotics are a big help in giving your feet extra support so they don’t get tired as fast. Utilizing a bedtime foot protector or bed cradle like the FootSleepGuard is an excellent way to give your feet eight hours to rest from having the weight of the covers on them. They’ll thank you in the morning.

So take good care of your feet and go take that walk in the woods you so enjoy!

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