Foot Problems Due to Diabetes Can Be More Serious Than You Thought

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As a website dedicated to foot health and improving it, we’ve spoken a few times about the importance of paying attention to your feet.  And that can come in several different forms.  At the very top of the list is seeing your doctor or podiatrist at least twice a year regarding your feet.  That is whether you have diabetes or not.  The feet are usually the most neglected part of the body.  And as the obesity rate in our county climbs, getting down there to attend to your feet becomes harder and harder.

Another good place to get your feet some well-deserved attention is at the friendly neighborhood nail salon.  A pedicure every three to four weeks is more than just pampering yourself (which it is, and deservedly so).  The person doing your pedicure sees feet in every condition many times every day.  Certainly tell them if you have diabetes and they can be your first line of defense in warding off foot problems.  It is much easier for them to examine your foot up close and from angles none of us can get to.  And just the normal nail maintenance that you get from a pedicure goes a long way to keeping your feet healthy.

Removal of dead skin is another side effect of the pedicure that aids in good foot health.  Dead skin can become the place all kinds of bacteria, viruses and fungi can take hold and turn into a nasty infection that can give you big problems.  Particularly between the toes, dead skin is a menace since those areas tend to stay more wet, which creates the perfect environment for them to grow and terrorize your feet.  Washing your feet every day and keeping them dry, yet properly moisturized, is the only way to head of problems there.

So that’s a lot of talk about good foot health, which we all know is certainly a goal to aspire to.  But what about the idea of diabetes being more troublesome to your feet than you might have thought?  First of all, diabetes interferes with the transmission of nerve signals.  So any sort of an even minor injury to your foot could go unnoticed, which allows for infection and other issues to take hold.  And, healing of such an injury takes longer in the diabetic foot, which again gives bacteria,viruses and fungi more of an opportunity to multiply and cause greater problems.

But here is the most startling aspect of the diabetic foot: It is believed that about 25 percent of all deaths of diabetics begin with a foot problem.  Twenty five percent!  That’s one in four!  And we’re not talking about just medical problems, we’re talking about dying.  When you put it in that context, a monthly pedicure and two visits a year to a medical professional is not much of a price to pay.

As we all get older, we must come to the realization that we are not ten feet tall and bulletproof anymore.  Getting a little help in watching over our feet is something we should all practice, and encourage in all our friends.  Don’t we all want to be sitting around the card table telling our stories?  You know, The Older I Get, The Better I Was!

Please take care of your feet.  And go see your doctor.

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