Help for Fibromyalgia Foot Pain

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As we all know, the pain of fibromyalgia finds its way to all parts of the body. The weight of bed covers on the feet can be especially troublesome when you need to sleep. As with any disease, your body needs copious amounts of rest in order to fight off such a malady. Many of our customers who suffer from this disorder have reported relief from the pain caused by covers on their feet by using The FootSleepGuard.

Helping to break the vicious cycle of getting sicker and sicker because you can’t sleep due to the disease is one of the big advantages of The FootSleepGuard. As we have discussed in many past blogs, your feet play a much bigger role in your overall health than most folks understand. If your feet hurt, you will compensate by using other muscles in your legs, behind and back that will then become distressed and the problems compound.

So our first recommendation is see your doctor specifically about your feet, and then keep the covers off your feet at night so you can sleep, and heal.

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