How Do You Find Unique Products on the Web?

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The question before us is how do you go about finding unique and obscure product on the web?  Is it enough to simply Google some key words and wade through hundreds if not thousands of sites?  And what if you are not sure what the product you are looking for is called?  That means many more searches and digging through even more sites to try and find something.  A product such as The FootSleepGuard is a perfect example.  It has a unique name that pretty much no one is familiar with, although it is a solution to a fairly common problem.  Putting in “foot cradle” or “blanket support” will eventually get you there, but it will take some digging.

I am actually looking for feedback from experienced folks on the web as to some of the tricks of the trade to finding unique products.  Are there chat rooms or forums out there that someone can go to?  If you do find one, what are the rules, etiquette?  Are experienced posters quick to slam you for asking stupid question or one that has already been dealt with?  And if the target demographic for a product is the older consumer who may not be very tech savvy, how to they find products they need?

So please share with the rest of us your techniques for finding products and talking to other foot problem sufferers about where they go to find solutions.  Please use the Contact tab on and I will compile the answers and put them in a future post.

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