How It Works

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Keeping the weight of the covers off your feet provides a phenomenal amount of relief all during the night. With your feet in a natural position, comfort and better circulation are yours! Simply slip the unfolded FootSleepGuard under the covers at the end of your bed for a full night of foot comfort. In the morning, simply push the holder button, fold it down to it’s collapsed height of 3 inches, and slip in under the bed for the day.


Using industrial grade materials, The FootSleepGuard has been engineered to hold the heaviest covers off your feet. Sized to roughly take up one-half the width of a queen size bed, it provides ample room for your feet to reside while you sleep. In the up position, the area where your feet will be is 12 ½ inches tall. The inside width is 17-1/8 inches; the outside is 19-1/8 inches.


Made with ½ inch inside diameter Schedule 40 PVC pipe and 1/8” thick ABS plastic sheeting, The FootSleepGuard is latex free. It will provide years of satisfaction and is guaranteed to improve your comfort while you sleep.