A New Program From The FootSleepGuard

Hey Everyone:

We are excited to announce a new program from The FootSleepGuard to allow our friends to help us sell the product from home.  We call it Tell a Friend, Get a $10.

 It works like this:  you tell a friend about The FootSleepGuard.   And if they buy one, we’ll send $10 to your PayPal account.  Just send us an email giving us the name and city of your friend (so we can cross reference who gets the credit for which purchase), and we will make the $10 payment.  Please use the email address listed in our Contact section.

And the best part is, there are no limits!  Do you have thousands of friends?  If so, tell them all and let us know which ones bought.  Then you get $10 for each and every sale!!  We’re hoping to continue to spread the good word about the advantages The FootSleepGuard brings to a better night’s sleep.  Who knows, if you have a knack for selling, this might be your shot at a successful home business!

Thanks for helping us let more people know about The FootSleepGuard.

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