Podiatrists Can Spot Problems First

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The feet have a very complex interrelationship with the rest of the body.  Due to this fact, problems with your feet can be an indicator of bigger problems elsewhere in the body.

Your podiatrist being a trained physician can spot problems that begin with your feet and help you head them off before they become bigger issues.  Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are two biggies that come to mind that a podiatrist can sometimes spot early.

And do remember that a pedorthist is not the same as a podiatrist.  The podiatrist is a trained MD, while a pedorthist will work in concert with your podiatrist for orthodics or other appliances to help in your foot treatment.

So the bottom line is, when your feet start hurting, see your podiatrist.  He can narrow it down to foot problems or see if there are bigger problems lurking.

And remember to keep your FootSleepGuard handy to make sleeping easier with no weight on your feet.

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