Recent Study Finds Blood Test Uncovers Undiagnosed Diabetes

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A study recently published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association detects that the HbA1C Test Leads to Diabetes Diagnosis for a Significant Percentage of Hospitalized Patients with Hyperglycemia.

This was a retrospective study of over 300 patients who were admitted to the hospital for another reason, and the HbA1C test discovered that they did indeed have diabetes.

The researchers concluded that doctors have been missing this diagnosis and with this new information can be on the lookout for patients that have diabetes, but do not display the normal symptoms.

And as we all know, diabetes plays a significant role in foot related problems.  And those foot problems can lead to much more serious overall health issues if left untreated.

So following the common thread of this website, see your doctor and ask frank questions about your health, and about your feet.  Early detection will help keep any problem at the treatable level before it gets out of hand.

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