Some Statistics Worth Repeating

I mentioned some statistics on foot problems and diabetic deaths a while back and thought a retake might be a good idea. I’ve touted in the past that a pedicure every 3 to 4 weeks and a twice-a-year visit to your podiatrist are good ideas. What we learned is this:
It is believed that about 25 percent of all deaths of diabetics begin with a foot problem.  Twenty five percent!  That’s one in four!  And we’re not talking about just medical problems, we’re talking about dying.  When you put it in that context, a monthly pedicure and two visits a year to a medical professional is not much of a price to pay.

And obviously alleviating foot problems is the reason we invented The FootSleepGuard. Keeping the covers off your feet will allow better circulation, a better foot position and better sleep.

So please go see your doctor and treat yourself to a pedicure.

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