Happy users of the FootSleepGuard

“The FootSleepGuard arrived yesterday and I tried it last night. It’s fabulous. Makes so much difference, it’s sturdy and a much better idea than the ones that have to go under the mattress.  It’s worth every penny.”
– Gail S

“Having used the Foot Sleep Guard for over two years now, I find the weight of the covers on my feet totally unbearable without it. I curse myself for leaving it out on the rare occasions when I do. ”
– Mark V

“Every night when I get in bed, I feel an enormous sense of relief that my feet are free of the weight of the bed covers. Your Foot Sleep Guard has literally taken a load off my feet. Moreover, it is well made, beautifully designed, and easy to set up at night and put away in the morning. First Class! I’m a really happy customer. Thank you.”
– Paul D.

“After foot surgery, my podiatrist recommended putting a cardboard box in my bed to keep the covers off. I then found the Foot Sleep Guard that does a wonderful job and holds the heaviest covers off my feet. I’m convinced it allowed my foot to heal more quickly with less complications. I use it still, even though my feet are now fine.”
– Mary C

“I have experienced significant hip pain for many years. Now that I am using the FootSleepGuard I can sleep with greatly reduced pain and wake up much later in the morning. This device has allowed me to get a much better nights sleep.”
– Dotty, Premium Websites, LLC

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