Tips For Better Sleep

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For any of us who have had issues sleeping, we’ve all heard of and are practicing the usual and simple tips: go to bed at the same time each night, keep the room cool, no exercise before bedtime, no caffeine or alcohol before bedtime, etc.

So let’s delve into some of the less obvious tips that can help with your sleep. Since this site is about feet and The FootSleepGuard, let’s concentrate on foot issues that could help with sleep.

I’ve experienced several medical challenges over the last year, strained ligaments in my forearms, having a spot of melanoma surgically removed from my forearm, and a slight heart attack. So, I’ve spent my fair share of time in consultation with many fine members of the local medical community. I’ve always considered myself a very healthy person, so my past encounters with doctors and nurses has usually centered around colds, etc.

From those experiences, I’ve come to really appreciate the training and knowledge each of these folks brings to an appointment with me. The hand therapist who was working on my strained ligaments saw the spot on my forearm that looked a little funny and made me promise I would get it checked out. Come to find out it was a small, thin melanoma, about half the size of a pea. For even something that small, the incision turned out to be about 3 inches long, but all of the cancer was removed. And, now I go back to the dermatologist every six months to get checked over from head to toe. And I make sure he does check my feet extra carefully so that we can head off any issues early.

So using that as an example, the tip I’d like to leave with you today is to enlist professionals to help you with your endeavors to attain a good night’s sleep. The dermatologist can find skin issues that may be causing you pain. The podiatrist is an obvious source for information on foot care and how it affects all aspects of your life. My wife and I go in for a pedicure about every three weeks. Having that person being able to examine your feet up close and easily is a great way to find issues early that you can then go over with your primary care physician and solve the problem early. Keeping your toenails clean and well trimmed is always a good idea for heading off painful issues like ingrown toenail. And it just plain feels good!

Another example is consulting with an endocrinologist. A friend of mine who has diabetes was chatting with a friend at the health club one day and noticed that the gentleman did not have any hair on his lower legs. Since my friend knew the symptoms of diabetes, he implored this gentleman to go to his doctor and get checked out. Sure enough, he had Type 2 diabetes. Left untreated, that was surely going to cause him a lot of trouble. So the bottom line is that no matter how overall healthy you may feel, starting out with an annual checkup with your primary care physician and following their advice to seeing specialists as he recommends is the best way to know what you need to do to get a better night’s sleep. And, as always, use your FootSleepGuard to Keep The Covers Off Your Feet!

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