Who Do You See First: Your Family Doctor or Your Podiatrist?

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When foot problems set in, what is your first reaction to get help?  Since it’s your feet, the inclination may be to go to the podiatrist.  Or maybe the orthopedic surgeon.  Specialists have all the right training for that part of the body, right?

Another train of thought is to see your family doctor first.  With all your history and knowing all the issues you’ve faced over the years, your family doctor can be the right choice.  He can look at what your latest problem is and integrate your overall treatment program with what you’ve been doing historically.

With the knowledge of what you’ve dealt with in the past and how it’s been treated, your family doctor can then make a recommendation as to which specialist to see, and make sure you don’t get into a conflicting treatment program that causes more problems than it solves.

As we all get older we have more and more problems.  They can be related or can be totally separate.  But your family doctor is your common denominator and will help you navigate the medical treatment maze to get you the right therapy for what ails you.

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