Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Can Last for Years

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A recently published study reveals that nearly half the women who survive cancer will suffer from Chemo Induced  Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN).

Tested an average of six years after completing chemotherapy, roughly 45% of the women studied still suffered from nerve damage.

Aside from the nerve related pain of peripheral neuropathy, falls appear to be the major consequence of the CIPN, which then lead to broken bones and all the other problems they can cause.  Men also seem to suffer roughly the same rate of PN after chemo.

While there are no effective treatments for this side effect, rehabilitative exercise programs may preserve physical functioning and mobility in the presence of neuropathy to help prevent falls and resulting injuries.

So as we normally advise on this site, seeing your doctor to discuss this issue specifically is the way to go.  He can help you define a rehabilitative exercise program to target the areas to work on to help in preventing falls and promoting an overall better level of health.

Good luck and go see your doctor!

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