Diabetic Foot Could Portend Bigger Problems

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We’re Talking About the Biggest Problem! – Death

We’ve seen some studies that indicate up to 25% of diabetic deaths begin with a foot problem.  That’s a very surprising number.  That’s one in four!  And because we’re talking about dying, and not talking about just another medical problem, this cannot be overemphasized.  Taking care of your feet before diabetic foot gets too bad is your best health strategy.

Many Ways to Stay Ahead of Diabetic Foot

As we’ve mentioned before, we advocate several different methods of staying of top of your diabetic foot health.  Because he holds the most expertise in terms of your diabetic foot health, obviously seeing your doctor is the number one recommendation.

You Don’t Have to See Your Doctor All the Time About Your Foot Health

Our second favorite method for assisting in diabetic foot health is to get a professional pedicure on a regular basis.   Not only does it make you feel good all over, it’s smart.  Having someone who has had foot health training being down on your foot’s level works best, so you want to do it regularly.  Because they can examine your feet from all angles and see potential problems up close and early, this works the best.

Cool and Soothing!

Doing It Yourself Can Be Good, But a Professional Is Better

Certainly, giving your diabetic foot any kind of care is better than none. However, having a professional see it from a “foot’s eye” level will allow for spotting potential issues before they get too big.  Seeing your feet on their bottoms will allow your pedicurist to see things up close and bring them to your attention. Here are some tips on both sides of that issue.

And Don’t Forget The Foot Sleep Guard in Your Diabetic Foot Comfort and Treatment

First and foremost, The Foot Sleep Guard keeps the covers off your feet so you sleep more comfortably.  And, it even provides the advantage of keeping the covers from ruining your newly applied nail polish.

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