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We want you to be confident in your purchase of a FootSleepGuard. Below are answers to common questions, and don’t forget about our guarantee.

Will I hit my feet on it while I sleep?

Our satisfied customers report that after a period of a week or so, their feet learn where the sides of the FootSleepGuard are. Beyond that initial period, your feet will very rarely hit it. You have the comfort of warm feet with no pressure from the covers, which allows better sleep. As you can see in the photo, there is plenty of room for your feet without hitting the sides.
The Foot Sleep Guard has lots of room for your feet

The space under the upper loop looks big, will there be a draft and will my feet get cold?

No. In the up position, the area where your feet will be is over 12 inches tall. That gives you plenty of foot room, but not enough room for a draft. The inside width is 17-1/8 inches; the outside is 19-1/8 inches. The device was designed this size because it takes up about 1/2 the width of a queen-size bed.

Does it fall off the bed or fall over easily?

We have not found that to be a problem for our customers. The rubber tips on the ends that rest on the bed provide a lot of friction. The lower loop sits at the end of the bed where the covers are tucked in, so it will not slide off the end of the bed.

I have a heavy comforter and a pillow top mattress, with it still work?

The FootSleepGuard design innovations make it unique in that it fits today’s thicker, pillow top mattresses, and will hold the heavier, top quality comforters. The US Patent Office agreed that this was a unique and novel product, and granted US Patent 6,240,581 on our product.

How did you come up with the FootSleepGuard?

This product, The FootSleepGuard, came about because the company founder, Mr. Tom Pender suffered foot-related pain for most of his life. After realizing that the covers on the bed forced his feet downward and pointed away from him, he decided to find something to keep the covers off his feet. Research on what was available on the market showed that only the old-style, fixed blanket supports were available. Not wanting to have a large lump in his bed during the day, Mr. Pender set out to the garage to come up with something better.

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