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Our Referral Program

Tell a Friend – Get $10 is a program at The FootSleepGuard where anyone can earn a $10 commission for referring a friend to buy a FootSleepGuard.  Pretty much everyone knows someone who has foot problems of some sort.  And now you can help them and yourself!

How It Works

When you tell a friend that you saw The FootSleepGuard online, and they buy one, simply use the form on our Contact Us page to let us know who your friend is and what city the product was shipped to.  We will then deposit $10 in YOUR PayPal account.  Just be sure to use the email address attached to your PayPal account when you contact us.

There Are No Limits!

If you know a lot of friends (and particularly friends with foot problems), then just tell us about every one of them that buys!  The $10 commission applies for each and every sale to someone you referred!  So get started today helping friends and yourself.  Who knows, if you have a knack for selling this might be the perfect at-home business, no upfront costs, and no limits to what you can earn!