The FootSleepGuard is Good for Eczema, Too

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A friend recently told me about an issue his young daughter has.  She is only 3, but has childhood eczema.  She has a hard time at night due to the heat buildup from the covers on her legs and feet exacerbating the eczema.  Apparently heat is one of the issues that eczema sufferers try to avoid since it does make the skin irritation worse.

This friend’s particular problem is made worse yet due to the fact that his daughter sleeps between he and his wife.  So while she is suffering from too much heat on her lower legs and has to have the covers removed, he and his wife then suffer from cold feet and the inability to sleep.

So, here to save the day is The FootSleepGuard.  It is wide enough to provide his daughter with the relief she needs from the covers on her feet, yet narrow enough to allow he and his wife room for their feet, with everyone having enough covers to keep their feet from getting too cold.

Just another problem this amazing product solves.  Please let us know of any unique applications you’ve found for The FootSleepGuard.

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