The Link Between Gout and Chronic Kidney Disease

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A recent study reports that there seems to be a link between gout and chronic kidney disease. Which makes sense since the kidneys are charged with removing uric acid from your bloodstream. The study followed over 47,000 men who did not have gout for 12 years to chart the rate at which they did develop gout. Diet monitoring was a large part of what the study focused on. It seems that consuming meat and seafood were the biggest contributors. Those who consumed dairy had the least occurrence of gout.

Speaking to your doctor about this apparent link could open up new avenues of treatment if you’re having trouble with your gout. Maybe treating a kidney ailment could work toward reducing your gout issues.

On an even scarier note, the article reporting these findings states an increase in the risk for heart disease and stroke when someone has elevated uric acid levels, also known as hyperuricemia. All the more reason to visit your doctor and ask some pointed questions about your health and what he can do to help you.

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