Why Would Anyone Need a Blanket Lifter?

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One question that arises over and over is “Why would anyone need a blanket lifter?” It is surprising how people don’t think much about what happens in bed below their pillow. Admittedly, blanket lifters have been around for years and are still not much in the forefront of the medical community. Most doctors I’ve spoken to feel it’s the patient’s duty to search out and find products that help with healing at home.

Attending a diabetes expo a few years ago, we even had one person look at The FootSleepGuard and exclaim: “Well, now I guess I’ve seen everything!” It was quite discouraging, actually. Having worked for years to develop the product, it had become so obvious to us that it is a useful product, intuitive in how it works, and easily seen what it’s benefits would be to someone with foot discomfort.

So that’s how we have come to talk about The FootSleepGuard, whether you call it a blanket lifter, foot cradle, bed cradle, foot protector for bed or any of many more descriptors. Keeping the weight of the covers off your feet is always a good healing strategy for foot and lower leg problems.

And, some of the advantages you get with The FootSleepGuard that you don’t see in the other, fixed type of lifter, are that it is easy to take out of the bed and store during the day, so you don’t either have an unsightly hump in your bed, or have to hassle with disassembling your bed to remove a fixed device. Watch our video and you can see all the features of the product and decide for yourself how it can help you.

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